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Silver valley pharmaceutical co., LTD. Within several years rapid development, with high and new technology development and patent products with independent intellectual property rights as an incentive, has a modern production base for active pharmaceutical ingredients and preparation medicine, at the same time, with a national sales network, we have created a unique silver valley pharmaceutical the rapid development of science, industry and trade integration of the model.

Silver valley pharmaceutical has domestic first-class new drug research institute, founded in 2009, is located in Beijing e-town al east valley U · jinqiao industrial park, has more than 4000 square meters, international standard laboratory and introduced the international first-class laboratory equipment, all kinds of advanced instruments and equipment more than 180 sets, including: liquid HSP) ms liquid chromatograph, weather chromatograph, etc

Drug research institute, the company has a strong technical force, rich practical experience of new drug research and development team, including clinical research (CRO), chemical synthesis, analysis, preparation of experiments and various functional departments, but also has an independent the SPF animal laboratory and raw material production and preparation and the experimental base for the production. The company has established a project-based industry-university-research cooperation with Peking University college of pharmacy, Shanghai medical college, China pharmaceutical university, zhejiang university medical college and other research institutes.







In value innovation research and development and product quality at the same time, silver valley pharmaceutical also paid close attention to personnel training and employee development, attaches importance to employee needs, to encourage as purpose, on the premise of culture, give full play to the staff's initiative, enthusiasm and creation Sex, realizing the common development of employees and enterprises. Yingu pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is striving to become the best Chinese pharmaceutical company, and dedicates itself to the people's health and health cause by the industry.